How To Use Your Creativity To Innovate High Demand Products and Services That Can Be Commercialized For IMPACT and PROFIT

30 Years Of Experience

On Innovations and Inventions Condensed In ONE Trilogy
"Humans are thinking minds, they can at the least always put on their thinking caps. The author is an inventor, coach and has plenty of experience & talent to guide a nascent mind. Through this book he continuously induces you to look beyond your limits, how to be THE budding inventor you dream of; rather than again falling prey to some convenient or compelling constraints. The book is captivating, motivating, informative, invigorating and a turbocharger for a working mind. It's sure to kindle the creative side of yours. The author has poured his experience and expertise around the entire process of 'inventing'; many basics are elaborated in a proper context. Why reinvent the wheel, why not hold the hand of an experienced mentor; but do you have it in you in the first place!! Go ahead read the book, there is a lot to gain." ... Deepak. G
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Get digital flipbook and digital audiobook versions of both books - The Magic Of Inventing and Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time PLUS a $20 SPECIAL Voucher to join the 3 Day Crush It With Creativity Challenge, instantly - all for just $27 


These Books Do Not Give Information ... They Deliver Transformation

What If You Could Unleash A Hidden Asset That You Already Own Free and Clear To Strategically And Tactically 
Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time?

What is that Hidden Asset? I call it Your

Do these two books in the UniqueImpactAbility series hand you a crystal ball that you can actually gain all that wealth and fame that you desire and deserve? Of course not. But it does empower you with your UniqueImpactability to focus on the outcome. With that OUTCOME fixated as your compelling 'WHY', these books align you with the practical, strategic and tactical guidance and tools that help you more accurately determine the commercial viability of your creative masterpiece first and foremost to ensure success with your new innovation in your target market. The books guide you through several checks and balances along the Continuous Innovation Roadmap to increase the odds that your newly invented product or service can actually make a deliberate and tangible impact on your target market, which in turn will yield for you the wealth and fame that you desire and deserve.

Dispel all the myths and misconceptions and the worst FEARs that have crippled creative minds for centuries to clear your path to your glory.

Perhaps you have invested an enormous amount of time, energy and money on turning your creative thoughts into an invention, that you hope people will buy; only to find after months or even years that there is nobody that will help you commercialize your product or service. No revenue but a ton of upfront cost - as an entrepreneur that is not a good position to be in. Starting a business with a loss in your financials is an insult to your entrepreneurship and deterrent to your creativity to flow naturally. 


The Magic Of Inventing and Invent and Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time, collectively help you discover a free and clear asset that you own by being born human - your UniqueImpactAbility, which is your Unique Ability To Make Unique Massive Impact. Over the course of 4 Lessons and 12 chapters these two books build upon each other, helping you focus on your OUTCOME to make and impact with your creative inventions and innovations. Then these books guide you on a step by step actionable journey to invent and innovate commercially viable products and services that makes a resounding impact on your target market which consequently generates wealth and fame for yourself.

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"But Hey - Don't Take My Word For IT!"

See What Others Are Saying About The Brand New UniqueImpactAbility Books
"Captivating, Motivating, Informative"
"The book is captivating, motivating, informative, invigorating and a turbocharger for a working mind. It's sure to kindle the creative side of yours. The author has poured his experience and expertise around the entire process of 'inventing'; many basics are elaborated in a proper context.  ." - Deepak. G
"No need to reinvent the wheel"
"Joy is a true entrepreneur who despite the long odds has made it. He is indeed qualified to advise the innovator and guide the inventor. After all there is no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel when there is timely help in these two books. Practical and tactical business oriented advice in this book just delivers" - Ben Nathan J
"Authentic, no-nonsense advice"
"Whoa! Very detailed, structured content written in a consultative and yet conversational style with real life examples to support the arguments presented. The author clearly knows his subject and the level of practical detail provided in the book demonstrates authentic and no-nonsense advice. Good read - different."  - Tim S

Here's Who Can Benefit From These Books

The Information Is Valuable For Anyone Who Desires To Commercialize Their Creative Ideas
 Independent Inventors
 Inventor Supporters
 Commercial Marketers
 Prototype Builders
 Creative Thinkers
 Thought Leaders
 Product Designers
 Mentors and Coaches

So If You're Not Sure About What To Do With Your Creative Idea And Want To Learn How To Commercialize That Idea For 

These Books Are For You!

You Get a $20 Special Voucher To Attend the 3 Day Live Crush It With Creativity Challenge For Only $27 $7

Dear Entrepreneur and Creative Thinker,
I applaud you for scrolling to this section of my website to read this message. Clearly something about these books have resonated with you. This book is backed by 30 years of my own professional experience as a business and technology innovation consultant, when I have served some amazing clients you will know by name across 4 
continents. Currently I am an active inventor in the clean energy transportation niche and a mentor for inventors in my Pioneer Inventors Academy. I felt compelled to write these books in the UniqueImpactAbility series and established the private and unique Academy with the objective of setting clear OUTCOMEs with a clear and concise roadmap for independent inventors and creative such as you. I know you have such brilliant ideas or what I call diamonds in the rough, but perhaps you are struggling with confusion, distraction and perhaps misdirection from individuals and organizations who are more interested in taking your money than on guiding you on the right path to commercialize your ideas. These books help you discover your UNIQUEIMPACTABILITY, a free and clear asset that you own and nobody can take that away from you. I call that discover process "INNERVATION" or Inner Innovation. Thus empowered, these books serve you as tactical and strategic guides based on practical, real life examples, experiences, mistakes made and lessons learned over the 30 years of my exciting career on innovation and inventions.

It is my faith and trust that these books and others coming up in the UniqueImpactAbility series, along with a ton of resources that you can get through my blog, podcasts along with my 3 Day #crushitwithcreativity Challenge and of course the Pioneer Inventors Academy, you will find a significant amount of value for your investment in yourself and in your career as an independent creative entrepreneur. Purchase this digital bookpack in beautiful flipbook and audiobook format, available exclusively through this website and embark on your journey to learn ...

The Magic Of Inventing

and then

Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time.

I appreciate you and your passion to discover your #uniqueImpactAbility and then #crushItWithCreativity.

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In These Books 

Take A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

The Magic Of Inventing

Learn The Alchemy Of Your UniqueImpactAbility In Four Lessons
  • Secret #1: You don't need to have a science or engineering degree to become an inventor. All you need is to pay attention to your observations with the lens of your UniqueImpactAbility and you can become a successful inventor. Learn how you too can become an inventor regardless of your background. 
  • Secret #2: Inventing is not a risky business when you do it right and the book shows you how to do it right to become profitable most of the time. Hey, except God, nothing's perfect but we can all strive for excellence. Learn how in this book
  • Secret #3: Most inventions are not patented and yet their inventors are able to protect their intellectual property from prying eyes and continue to enjoy their competitive advantage in the market. Learn how you can protect your idea and your intellectual property without breaking the bank.
  • Secret #4: While thieves and copycats exist, most of the time nobody is out there to steal your idea, contrary to popular belief. Learn how to protect your idea from such thieves and copy cats and yet flourish in the market.
  • Secret #5: A lot of inventors make a huge mistake by investing a whole lot of money, time and energy in an invention, only to find that there is no market for it that will substantiate the resources that were invested. Learn how to avoid this mistake and only invest your resources in profitable products and services.
  • Secret #6: You have an invention. Great, so what? What are you going to do with it so that your target market can enjoy its benefits? Learn three options that are open for you to choose from to commercialize your invention for making that impact and generating those profits that substantiate why you invented at all.
  • Secret #7: Most of the time, the biggest of inventions are actually hidden in plain view that most overlook. Learn how to leverage your UniqueImpactAbility to consistently identify opportunities of invention and innovation that you can take on and introduce a product or service with a higher value proposition in your market for repeatable impact and profit.
  • Secret #8: So you have figured out a problem to solve in your market but then how do you solve it and do that quickly before your competition beats you to commercialization? Get introduced to two commonly used problem solving methods that can get you on the fast track to impact and profit.
... and many many more as you will discover in the book

The Magic Of Inventing Hits #1 and #6 Spot In the Amazon Bestseller List On August 13, 2020

Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time

Turning Inventors And Not Yet Inventors Into Needle Movers Of Human Progress
  • Secret #1: A patent is not a mandatory instrument for protecting your Intellectual Property - some big name companies you will know, don't use patents. Learn how to protect your invention without breaking your bank.
  • Secret #2: You don't need to be a scientist or engineer to become a successful inventor - all you need is your creative ideas guided along a structured path. Learn how to invent and innovate regardless of your background.
  • Secret #3: Simple creative ideas can be commercialized for big profits. Some examples illustrated in the book will surprise you. Learn how to find creative ideas to create products that the market will love to get their hands on.
  • Secret #4: There are at least 3 strategies available to you to commercialize your creative idea and invention. Learn the three strategies and easily pick the right one for your situation.
  • Secret #5: Inventing something that is commercially worthwhile and profitable is not a one-person undertaking. You need a team that you know, like and trust ... and they are not necessarily your family and friends. Learn how to build strategic partnerships to expedite your invention.
  • Secret #6: Don't panic that your idea will be stolen -  that happens for sure but that fear should not cripple your actions. Learn how you can theft-proof your idea and beat the competition at their game.
  • Secret #7: It's not about what you think is a cool idea, it's what the market will perceive as a cool product or service. Learn how to predict commercial viability of your idea before you invest any time, energy or money on your invention.
  • Secret #8: Deliver the value to your market first before you can expect to earn with your new invention. Learn how to create a benefit stack and a value stack.
  • Secret #9: Being strategic about your invention with measurable results that are achievable and enters the market in a timely manner is key to your success. Learn the principles of S.M.A.R.T Inventing to ensure repeated success.
  • Secret #10: You need to consider marketing even before you start to invest any efforts on manufacture or design your product or service. Learn how you can grab your customer's attention, pique their interest, evoke the desire to own your product and lead them to a call to action.
... and many many more as you will discover in the book

"Ready To Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time?"

Your journey into tactical and strategic creative inventions and innovations where you can predict success begins with this book and the other books in the UniqueImpactAbility series
  • Reason 1: Follow a proven roadmap that has worked over and over for all successful inventors.
  • Reason 2: My 30 years of experience on business and innovation consulting and now inventing and mentoring are condensed in this book series.
  • Reason 3: No confusion, no distraction, no wasted money, time and energy on misguided pursuits. Get real results.

Experience Your Creative Genius With The Digital PowerPack

The digital flipbooks are interactive as you will find and enhances a pleasant reading experience. If you are like me, I love listening to productive audiobooks when I am driving or even working out. This is why I personally narrated both books, word for word, Lesson by Lesson, Chapter by Chapter to bring you a different digital experience with the book, which enhances your learning and practical application experience.

This way the companion audiobook will accelerate your learning process and help you make quicker, more accurate decisions on your inventions and innovations.

As part of this special Digital PowerPack and my keen desire to help you with your innovation so that you can really #crushitwithcreativity, I have included a $20 special voucher for you to join the 3 Day Crush It With Creativity Live Challenge, a $1500 Value to join for $27 $7 only and apply your knowledge into a real invention or innovation that you can commercialize for profit.

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